A Vision for Ward 4 


Drawing from her years of experience in the field of land development, Alison sees the potential for development in Ward 4 that will bring industry, jobs, and economic growth to the region. She has the background and expertise to make this vision a reality. Alison served as an advisor to the City during the planning stages of the Horse Hill redevelopment. She represented National Defence interests during the development of the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park. 

I'm trained in the valuation and assessment of land and property — but the value of community is priceless. I will promote sustainable development in Ward 4, while ensuring that redevelopment opportunities respect the spirit of the community.


Dedication to Public Service

  • Experience working with all three levels of government:
    • Manager of Disaster Recovery Appeals for the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Duties included helping small businesses re-establish post-disaster.
    • Managed property initiatives for the Department of National Defence, including sensitive projects at the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park.
    • Implemented the City of Edmonton's Land Management Plan on a number of projects, including the Horse Hill redevelopment.
  • Worked in the Provincial Operations Centre during the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, coordinating transport of personnel and resources into and out of the region. Recipient of the Premier's Medallion for outstanding service to the citizens of Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
  • Co-Recipient of the Government of Alberta Teamwork Award (2015) as a leader of the Disaster Recovery Team in response to the Southern Alberta floods.
  • Recipient of the Government of Alberta Individual Service Award (2015) for distinction in the Alberta Public Service values of Respect, Accountability, Excellence, and Integrity.

I've seen first-hand the good that public funds and resources can do when they're managed and distributed effectively. I have the experience to navigate through the bureaucracy and get results! 


Connecting Our Community 

Alison co-organized the Women's March in Edmonton in January 2017. This event brought together organizations and individuals to rally around common causes, including supports to those impacted by domestic violence, issues affecting the indigenous community, and family support systems. The event's positive momentum continues to this day. For example, as a direct result of a recent March On! event, Edmonton's WIN House gained 50 new volunteers!

When it comes to improving quality of life in our city, we need to make good use of existing resources. There are so many amazing organizations dedicated to servicing their communities. I will work to connect those groups with people who could benefit from their services as well as people who want to get involved and contribute to their success.


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