Matt Berry

If you live or work in the Matt Berry neighbourhood and have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please contact me.

  • commented 2017-07-30 21:59:04 -0600
    I wanted to share a couple of ideas for Ward 4 and Edmonton:

    • I believe more money should be set aside for widening arterial roads from two to four lanes. It seems like the City is behind where they should be in this. One section that comes to mind is 167 Avenue from 55 Street to 76 Street.

    • There was mention of a 50 Street Anthony Henday interchange once development grew in the surrounding area to justify the expense. Seems like development has almost filled in the area between 66 Street and Manning Drive, so it could be built now.

    • I believe serious consideration should be given to the Gorman LRT expansion. It would take stress off Clareview Station and accommodate better bus connections. It would aid in residential growth in that area as well.

    • Not sure where this is at, but recreational trails should be developed around the new Anthony Henday bridge near 153 Avenue and Meridian Street. Trails could be developed east of the bridge into the Quarry Ridge area. It should also be looked into what trails could be developed south of the river near the Edmonton Waste Management Centre and connecting into Strathcona Science Provincial Park.

    • Encouraging development of the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park.

    • Streamlined bus service that runs more on arterial roads and less winding in residential neighbourhoods.

    • Start one of the phases for turning Yellowhead Freeway into no traffic lights.

    • At City of Edmonton Recreation Centres, break down the admission so that people pay for what they want to use. Clareview Recreation Centre is a great facility, but the admission is too much for people just wanting to use the pool.

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