Elect Alison Poste for Edmonton City Council, Ward 4

Purpose. Passion. Progress.

I'm Alison Poste, and I'm running to be your City Councillor in Ward 4.

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about your choices in this election.

My vision for Ward 4 includes job growth and responsible economic development, alongside strengthening communities and an active commitment to fiscal responsibility on behalf of my fellow residents.

Please explore my website to learn more about my background and my ideas for the future of Ward 4. I welcome your input and ideas as well. Please feel free to connect with me using the convenient contact form, or reach out on social media at the links below.

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    Affordable Housing Strategies in Edmonton

    I was pleased to see this development with respect to the way the administration allocates affordable housing developments. As I spoke of at a recent Community Stakeholder Meeting in #Ward4, we are ALL invested in building sustainable communities. The statistics demonstrate that optimal communities are ones that include a broad mix of housing types, including affordable housing. I am pleased that the administration has recognized that a more equitable mix of housing types throughout our city contributes to better outcomes for all Edmontonians. My formal education includes the study of land development economics, including the economics of densification and urban sprawl. I have applied this knowledge to my work in land development at the City of Edmonton and the Department of National Defence. Thanks as always to Elise Stolte for her excellent reporting with respect to ongoing issues impacting our city. http://edmontonjournal.com/…/ten-per-cent-affordable-housin…
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    Concerns About City's Flood Mitigation Study

    The results of the City-Wide Flood Mitigation Study were recently released, along with a proposed strategy to spend $2.6 billion over the next few decades to enhance Edmonton's preparedness for a 1-in-100-year flood event. Ward 4 residents should be, as I am, troubled by a number of points raised in this study — particularly those people in the neighbourhoods surrounding Fort Road.
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